Never one to skip breakfast – with a firm belief that it really is the most important meal of the day… The Munch Brunch Kids was born in the hope that we could provide inspiration for all those struggling to decide what to eat in the morning!

From a healthy bowl of cereal to an indulgent stack of pancakes – breakfast can be sweet, savory, leisurely or eaten on the go. And in London, you can always find somewhere still serving it!

Here are 5 Best Breakfast Spots in London to Start the Day


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With an ever-changing globally inspired menu, laid-back Aussie attitude and some of the best coffee we’ve tasted. We never fail to be impressed with this amazing cafe. As an added bonus, dogs are made to feel just as welcome too!


The Munch Brunch Kids_LocalSpoon The Munch Brunch Kids_LocalSpoon


The perfect pit stop after a leisurely stroll around Victoria Park. This super cute cafe offers great breakfast options and well as top quality coffee. And for all those who struggle to get up in the morning, they’re also opening in the evenings too!


The Munch Brunch Kids_LocalSpoon   The Munch Brunch Kids_LocalSpoon


Found in the heart of leafy Chiswick this cafe serves up some of the best brunches in the city! Offering a diverse selection of dishes, of which each one is executed perfectly. Their avocado toast with halloumi, dukkah, and poached eggs elevates this breakfast staple to another level!


The Munch Brunch Kids_LocalSpoon .   The Munch Brunch Kids_LocalSpoon


This place offers style as well as substance! As you walk in the door you’re transported back in time with the retro decor and menu that showcases some of our favorite comfort food classics. Who knew you could find a little slice of Miami sunshine in the heart of Hackney!

The Munch Brunch Kids_LocalSpoon .  The Munch Brunch Kids_LocalSpoon


With a couple of cafes south of the river this place is definitely worth the journey even if you do live on the other side of town! With regularly changing specials and some of the prettiest pancakes we’ve eaten – we promise you will not be disappointed!


This is a just a snapshot of some the best breakfasts London has to offer. For more recommendations or additional inspiration, you can find us @themunchbrunchkids

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