Oh, meringues…crunchy sweet on the outside, chewy and mallowy on the inside. They’ve been “at war” with cupcakes and biscuits for decades! 🍪
Truth be told… there are so many ways to make them taste and look way cooler than the usual cakes. So we met with Iliyana to discover the story behind some of the most creative and mouth-watering meringues in the UK.
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner 💘  If you want to try something quirkier for a gift this year, keep reading. Meringue-a-Tang may be a perfect choice for your special day!


1. What made you want to start a food business? Why meringues?
Mom and grandma are great cooks – they have taught me to treat my food with respect and to always cook with love. I decided to make meringues purely because no one else in the area was doing it.
Meringue Kisses - A perfect gift for Valentine's Day
2. For how long have you been running Meringue-a-Tang? How many product-ranges you have?
I baked my first meringue in March 2017. Since then 5098 more, each piped by hand, pleased hundreds of taste buds! I can make meringues in any shape but my signature one is “the meringue kiss”. Super mallow in the middle and crispy on the outside. Kisses could be dipped in chocolate, sprinkled with sparkles or personalised with a logo or name. The possibilities are endless!
3. Your most favourite type of meringues? What do people say though, what is their loved flavour?
As a coconut maniac, my favourite flavour is of course….coconut. My absolute best-sellers are raspberry and lemon. I recently discovered that meringue and chocolate is a super-combo and have included a new special product for Valentine’s day!
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4. Any tips on how to make the best meringues at home?
Make sure your eggs are super fresh! No need to use cream of tartar or other additives. Only use caster sugar.
I always heat up my sugar at 200ºC and then gradually add it to the already stiff egg-whites. Bake the meringues at no more than 100ºC.
5. We’re drooling already! How can we order some?
Head to the website Meringue-a-Tang and browse your favourite yummy meringues. These handmade sweets can travel all over the UK📮
Use Promo Code: LOCALSPOON and get 30% OFF on your first order
Website: https://www.meringue-a-tang.co.uk/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meringue.a.tang/
Facebook: @meringueatang