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Local Insiders Series – How Instagram is Changing the Food Scene in London

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Diana Florescu, Founder & CEO Local Spoon
June 2018
Over the past year, I’ve been tested and iterated different business models and concepts, tapping into various verticals of the enormous food and dining industry from 
helping restaurants minimise food wastage to general promotions. Still, one thing has never changed, and that’s my motivation to make food accessible and empower local communities!

Fast-forward eighteen months since I started Local Spoon, I’ve been working with dozens of restaurants in London and interviewed twice as many. Asked to share their main struggles, most business managers would often mention customer retention, driving more sales or growing operating costs. Discounts and soft-launch offers have been here for decades, and they are indeed a good short-term practice to lure people in, but they will never incentivise loyalty.

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Local Spoon at the first edition of the Astra Awards, an initiative organised by Toucan Ventures (Wayra UK, May 2018)

Social Media 2.0

We are currently in a time where social media is evolving in a way that it hasn’t done for years. With Facebook constantly updating its algorithms and news feed to prioritise more peer-to-peer interactions, while Twitter and Instagram are both switching to the Facebook-style algorithmic timeline , brands must change their approach and innovate. They must look at alternative ways to create relationships with their target audience.

Of course, paid advertising can be a solution if you’re an established brand or restaurant chain employing a digital agency or having marketing managers in house. Another rapidly growing area is that of influencer marketing, and, let’s face it, this is where advertising is moving towards.

If only it were that easy…

No one really knows what the value of an influencer (content creator) post is. It’s really, really tough to measure the return on investment while indicators such as likes and comments are considered vanity metrics. Things that you can’t really put an absolute figure to — and we all know that when you can’t demonstrate ROI, you will often struggle to justify the investment.

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Exploring How Instagram is Changing the Food Scene in London

The aim of Local Insiders, a new series of interviews, is to answer some of the questions that any restaurant or brand may have about working with influencers. We’re not expecting to quantify the value of an influencer recommendation, but to identify some common themes among London’s best food influencers when they engage in social media campaigns.

We will be exploring the realm of influencers — precisely, the power that the food influencers of London have on the dining scene. We’re focusing on London and Instagram for this project, not only because food dominates this platform at the moment, but Local Spoon’s influencers have indeed adopted it as their own.

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Whether you’re a food critic, a restaurant manager or simply enjoy eating out, if you have any questions or thoughts, you can email us directly at info@localspoon.co.uk

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