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Local Insiders I – Clare Every (TheLittleLondonFoodie)

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Diana Florescu, Founder & CEO Local Spoon
June 2018
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We caught up with Clare, the face behind TheLittleLondonFoodie when she’s not running global social media channels for the MullenLowe Group advertising agency. She is on a hunt for London best vegan hotspots… 

1) Influencer marketing is drastically growing and more brands are tapping into it to get their name out there…So tell us, how would you define an ‘influencer’?

I’ve never been a massive fan of the term ‘influencer’. Something about it feels a little forced. I suppose it is used to define someone who has an impact on the decisions of other people. I’m just someone who absolutely LOVES to eat, photograph and share my culinary discoveries with other people who have the same passion. I suppose though, that the two things which give me the greatest joy, apart from the delicious food, is showing restaurants how much of a demand there is for vegan food and showing people just how exciting, creative and tasty vegan food can be.

Holy MOTHER of pizzas, @mother_ldn is here to fulfil every single damn one of your pizza dreams 💭 Oh come on, don’t pretend you don’t dream about them too 😜🍕 . . Mother is somewhat of a go-to in Copenhagen and I know people are excited about its arrival here! 🇩🇰 🇬🇧 These guys describe themselves as an utterly Italian restaurant without all the nonsense and I’m inclined to agree 👌🏼 . . What sets their doughy goodness apart from others? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Instead of cooking with salt, the team use saltwater which, due to it’s high mineral content, makes it a healthier (and pretty damn tasty) way to cook 🌊 They’re also all about Italian sourced artisan and organic products 👏🏼 . . I tried the vegetariana pizza with tomato, mozzarella, seasonal vegetables (aubergine & peppers), fresh basil & balsamico as well as the Capricciosa (which I ordered without ham) with tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, artichokes, olives and an egg 🍕 🍳 We also took the aubergine & mushroom pasta for a test drive 🍝 . . The pizza had a soft, fluffy dough and felt thin, light and non-greasy 😍 Neither of the pizzas relied on a tonne of toppings for flavour which, to me, is the sign of a decent pizza 🍕 The staff tell me “If the margherita base is good, the rest follows” 🙌🏼 . . The pasta was also tasty 😋 It was rich and creamy but not too heavy and the aubergine & mushroom flavours were beautiful 🤤 . . Once you’re all pizza’d out (is that possible?), it would be rude not to try their traditional and totally delicious tiramisu 🍮 For those of you who can handle super sweet desserts, get yourself one of the ricotta and nutella calzones and prepare to be placed in a sugar coma 😴 . . Handy to know - The restaurant will also cater to vegans with cheese free pizzas 🍕 . . #motherpizza #pizzatime🍕 #totastemaker #londonfood #londonfoodie #londonrestaurant #whatvegetarianseat #whatveggieseat #foodinlondon #vegetariansofig #vegetarianfoodshare #vegetarianlife #vegetarianfoodporn #eaterlondon #batterseapowerstation #battersearestaurant #pizzaislife #foodinlondon #londonfoodguide #londonfoodscene #londonfoodblog #eatinglondon #pizzatime🍕 #pizzapizza #pizzaislife #pizzagram #pizzaparty

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Talk us through, how did you get your influencer status?

My page didn’t start with the aim of being an ‘influencer’ at all. I’ve always been extremely passionate about food and have always had a big appetite. The account started as a way for me to keep track of everything I was eating on a daily basis, to remember the recipes I liked or the meals I’d eaten at restaurants and enjoyed.

So you decided to focus on one industry, food? Yes, as the account started to get more attention, I become incredibly passionate about photographing the food I was eating and sharing it with people with the same passion. My page has followed my journey from being a meat-eater to a vegetarian and now a vegan.

I try to believe in as many as 6 impossible things before afternoon tea 💭☕️🍰 . . I recently tumbled down the rabbit hole and ended up in the fantasy land that is @sandersonsocial to indulge in their new 100% vegan Alice in Wonderland “Mad Hatters” afternoon tea ♠️♥️♣️♦️🌱 As I’m already quite little, I didn’t need to drink the shrinking potion which was super convenient 💁🏼‍♀️ . . In Chapter 1, Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee (aka @jolley_chris & I) 👫 were treated to bubbles and tea 🥂☕️ We chose the Alice black tea with hints of blackcurrant, vanilla, caramel, citrus, bergamot, blue cornflowers & blue mallow flowers and the Mad Hatters green tea infused with passionfruit, guava & mango 🍵 . . In Chapter 2, the food arrived and we tucked into the savoury layer first 🥪 Chia seed wraps with wild rice, bean salad & quinoa, Mushroom duxelle and avocado sandwich, Grilled vegetable, tomato and avocado super seed rolls and White Rabbit cucumber sandwiches 🐰 The mushroom was the stand out for me! 🍄 . . In Chapter 3, we moved onto the sweet treats 🍰 We tried the Queen of Hearts pecan, choc & coconut cookie 👸🏼the Dark Choc chessboard gateau 🔲 the Tweedle Dee orange and peanut butter cupcake 🍰 the Mad March Hare beetroot and almond Battenberg 🐇 the Choc & Pistachio Blue Caterpillar 🐛 the Lychee & Bergamot pâte de fruits, the Mad Hatters lost orange carrot meringue 🎩 the Alice’s exotic fruits “Drink Me” potion 🍹 and OF COURSE, the warm scones served with strawberry jam 🤤 To be totally honest, every single sweet was absolutely divine and I advise you to get down there! 😍 . . Anyway, I must dash as I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date ⏰ Remember to stay bonkers, because all the best people are! 🤪 . . #afternoonteatime #veganafternoontea #afternoonteaparty #aliceinwonderlandtheme #madhattersteaparty #totastemaker #londonfood #timeoutlondon #thesandersonhotel #londonrestaurant #londonfood #whatvegetarianseat #whatveggieseat #foodinlondon #vegansofinsta #vegetarianfoodshare #vegetarianlife #vegetarianfoodporn #londonfoodguide #vegetariansofig #veganfoodspot #veganfoodblogger #vegansofldn #vegetariansofinstagram #veganinlondon #veganfoodlover

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That’s interesting, what influenced your decision to go from a meat-eater to vegetarian and now vegan?

My recent transition to take my vegetarian diet to the next level by cutting out eggs and dairy comes from watching a lot of documentaries and doing lots of research. I was shocked to learn about the environmental impacts of eating meat, not only the killing of animals but also the cruelty which takes place in the process as well as the health impacts. I decided that if it was possible for me to live healthily and enjoy great food on a vegan diet without negatively affecting the environment, my health or animals, there’s really no excuse for me not to do so. It just makes sense.

We’ve got to ask, what is your favourite vegan spot in London? That’s a question I get often and I still find it incredibly tough to choose. However, The Vurger Co and Club Mexicana were two of the first restaurants I visited when embarking on my veggie journey and they’re the two places I recommend to everyone who asks me that question. Their food is experimental, unique and most importantly, absolutely divine.

Let’s get to business, collaborations and new friends…tell us about it!

Think back to the first time you collaborated with a brand or restaurant, how was it?

My Instagram originally began as a cookery page so restaurant collaborations didn’t happen for me until the start of 2017 when I began to focus on eating out. My first ever collaboration was with LEON Restaurants. They sent me some of their vegan dishes to try, and I remember thinking how incredibly lucky I was that someone wanted me to taste and give feedback on their food. I still feel like that every single time I visit a restaurant or a street food stall. 

🔍 Check Clare’s favourite restaurant, The Brook.

What advice would you give for other content creators like yourself that are looking to work with restaurants?

I think there are two ways to go about it. If you don’t feel comfortable pitching yourself to a restaurant, keep creating great content and engaging with restaurants on Instagram and soon enough, you’ll get recognised. If you do feel comfortable, be brave and make the first move! Restaurant owners are often eager to receive exposure as well as feedback on their dishes to help them improve. If one restaurant isn’t open to a collaboration, don’t give up!

So do you think every restaurant should have a presence on social media?

Absolutely! I think if you aren’t on social media, you’re missing an incredible opportunity to advertise your business for free.

Disclaimer: My second last vegetarian post! . . In Mayfair and fancy a spot of brunch? POP-IN-A to @popinaldn and get involved with their poachies 🍳 . . This new spot is trendy, modern and totally filled to the brim with the most delicious pastries, cakes and of course, breakfast items 😍 I opted for the poachies on toasted pogacha (the home baked bread) with sour cream and smashed avo as well as the absolutely phenomenal chocolate cake 👏🏼 People watch until your heart is content and don’t worry about leaving hungry... You won’t be able to resist the food at the counter! 🙅🏼‍♀️ . . For those of you who saw my IG story yesterday, you will know that I am now making a conscious effort to eat vegan. At the time of taking this photo and writing this caption, I was still eating eggs and dairy but I no longer am. In light of my lifestyle change, I wrote to @popinaldn to ask them to consider putting more vegan options on the menu and they have confirmed that although they already have a couple, they are looking at introducing many more! Woohoo! 🌱 . . #popinalondon #brunchspot #brunchtime #brunchlondon #londonbreakfast #totastemaker #londonfood #londonrestaurant #whatvegetarianseat #whatveggieseat #vegetariansofig #vegetarianfoodshare #veggiebreakfast #brekkietime #breakfasts #breakfastporn #brunching #brunchparty #brunchmenu #brunchinlondon #mayfairrestaurant #poachedeggs #mayfairbrunch #brunch🍴 #brunchsohard #brunchlife #londonfoodie #wheretoeatlondon #eatinglondon #londonfoodscene

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And of course, we can only assume that you’re in a group of fellow foodies? Yes, I am. I attend quite a few events with other Instagrammers which I absolutely love because it’s a chance to eat food whilst discussing how much you love food! I also bump into quite a few Instagrammers when I’m at restaurants and I’ve made some good friends from attending events and sometimes attend bookings with them! It is the loveliest community of people who are all equally as passionate about eating great food. My favourite Instagrammers are @vegansofldn, @brixtonfoodfiend and @yesitsallvegan. In addition to influencing your followers, we’ve noticed that you’re also a part of the TimeOut London tastemaker team, tell us a bit about this? I am. I feel honoured to be a part of the Time Out network (check what’s happening this weekend in London). To me, this is a space for people who are completely and utterly passionate about London and everything it has to offer, to share their experiences and discoveries. From street food stalls to theatres and everything in between, the people in this group are always up for trying out the newest experience on offer in our city. Is there anything in the pipeline that we should look out for on @TheLittleLondonFoodie? Yes, I am working on a few exciting collaborations but they’re confidential at the moment. So watch this space!


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