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Local Insiders II – Angie Silver

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Lois Fearne, Social Media & Influencer Content Manager

July 2018


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Coming from a background of luxury travel marketing and publishing, it is no wonder Angie’s Instagram feed is giving us all wanderlust with a hint of foodie delights…

So, Angie, you have quite the social media presence, how would you go about defining an ‘influencer’?

I would define an influencer as a person on social media who has industry credibility and can influence decisions and purchases. An influencer will have an authentic voice and reach and will, therefore, appeal to their target market. 

We agree authenticity plays a very important role in becoming an influencer on social media these days…

So, tell us, how do you think the rise of influencer accounts on Instagram has impacted on the way that people discover restaurants/chefs/bars/food in London?

Influencers, bloggers and content creators can play a huge role in where a person chooses where to eat. If there’s a particular influencer that an individual likes or they’ve built an affinity with them, they will trust and value their recommendations. An influencer with thousands of followers can instantly reach a big audience with just one post on Instagram. It’s basically a traditional old-fashioned word of mouth recommendation but in a completely different format.

Just think, nowadays, if a person has heard of a new restaurant or read a review they’ll often check that restaurant’s Instagram feed before booking. If they like what they see they’ll go ahead and book. Often whilst browsing the menu, they’ll again refer to the feed to see what to choose.

As well as influencers and content creators – geotags are important in how a someone chooses where to eat. The user can search for restaurants nearby or in a particular location and then select a venue on how it looks.

Not forgetting, hashtags, these can work in a similar way and restaurants can use popular hashtags to correspond to locations, for example, #londonrestaurants, in order to increase visibility. If a restaurant has a unique hashtag, a user can search this and see all the posts about a particular restaurant.

But yes, user-generated content created by influencers is more authentic and more effective than traditional advertising for a millennial. If a restaurant’s dish goes viral and appears on Instagram’s Explore page that can be very powerful and the restaurant can expect an influx of diners and new followers.

So, let’s get to know Angie behind the Instagram account a bit better…

Take a trip down memory lane, and the first time you collaborated with a restaurant, did they approach you or did you approach them?

I have been invited to review restaurants for years but my first paid collaboration was a Twitter take over and competition to win a meal at the restaurant. I was able to double their reach on Twitter. I was approached by them.

How much interaction do you have with other social media influencers?

Some have become my best friends! We interact daily on social media and privately in WhatsApp groups. As well as having great friends, it’s very inspiring to build a community of like-minded people.

What would be your greatest tip for other content creators who would like to work with restaurants?

It’s all about being honest and authentic. Don’t buy your following. go to events, grow your community and meet people. However, above all create great content that is unique and original to you. 

We really could not help but notice your glamours wanderlust life, which country that you have visited has been the best for food so far?

I love Italy and Italian food but I also absolutely love sushi and I was lucky enough to visit Japan a few years ago. But if I had to choose, it would be Italian, I could eat it every day for the rest of my life.

And considering you are very well travelled, Is there a particular cuisine that you feel London lacks?

Yes! South American! I recently visited Chile along with Argentina and loved the food but there are very few restaurants in London representing these countries apart from the rise in Peruvian food in the last few years, so I would love to see more South American influences popping up in town.

To finish, are you working on any exciting foodie ventures at the moment which you can tell us about?
Not so much foodie, but I started a luxury hotel YouTube channel last year which I’m really enjoying working on. 

To round up, in a nutshell:


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