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Local Insiders III – Nicola (@eastldngirl_foodieblog)

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Lois Fearne, Social Media & Influncer Content Manager 
July 2018
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When Nicola isn’t working full time as a lawyer she is exploring London’s foodie hot spots and writing about it on her blog and Instagram

Surprisingly, the blog came before the Instagram for Nicola, after a few posts, she was hooked and hasn’t turned back since. Despite, now having an Instagram to complement the blog, Nicola told us that she loves blogging and get excited to meet different business owners, understand their strategy and obviously sample all the yummy food and drink.

Nicola likes to think of East London Girl (blog) as a “Go To” for people looking for authentic recommendations of food places and has even made it manageable by breaking down the blog into sections of London –  North, South, East, West, Central and the City. 

To begin, if we asked you to define an “influencer”, what would be your response?

Like many others, I am not too keen on the term ‘influencer’! I guess it comes down to relying on someone for recommendations who has knowledge of a specific topic or sector. Ultimately, I think it is following someone you trust! I certainly have a number of food and travel influencers that I turn to for inspiration.

Let’s talk about Nicola being a content creator…

We have taken a look at your blog and love it, how important do you think having a blog with a foodie Instagram is?

I personally prefer it when Instagrammers have a blog to complement their Instagram. For example, Charlotte from the Not So Basic London, not only has a fantastic Instagram full of beautiful photos but she has a blog to give the Instagram that extra bit of depth. 

Despite preferring a mixture of a blog and Instagram, I have to give credit to some amazing and inspiring people that have built up a presence just through Instagram alone. These days there is so much flexibility with Instagram that you can add a decent amount of text which essentially allows you to write a review on the platform.

However, what I personally love about having a blog is the freedom to write a full review, use a wide range of photos and include a link to the restaurant’s website. I am approached by a number of restaurants who love the fact there is a blog behind the Instagram – it allows readers a greater insight into the business. In short, it is not essential but it is definitely a bonus.

A trip down memory lane time, think back to the first time you collaborated with a brand or restaurant. How did it play out? Did you approach them or vice versa?

I was SO happy when I received my first request from Pickles in Dalston to review their pizza. I had around 2,500 followers at the time and was still getting to grips with the blogging world. The pizzas were great and I loved learning about their business model and plans for the future. 

Pizza is always good so we can see why you were excited…Tell us, have you got any advice for other content creators who would like to work with restaurants?

One thing I have learned as a lawyer is how important it is to manage your client’s expectations. If you are working with restaurants, make it clear what you can deliver and what you expect in return. Be communicative, deliver on time and create good content.

Being a foodie Instagrammer not only brings food perks but surely it brings you a new group of friends. Do you interact with other foodie influencers?

I have actually spent the last few months spending a lot more time with other food and lifestyle influencers. It almost feels like a blind date with someone who you have been talking to on the internet! It is amazing to speak to different people about their background and drive for blogging, what they like and dislikes about the London food scene. It really is a lovely and supportive community.  

There are now four girls on East London Girl, what does the future hold?

Yes, we now have our fourth member on board and it is very exciting! Having a vegan (Lou) and pescatarian (Barinder) allows us to share our experiences in a wide range of venues. They are amazing girls and we get on really well!  The future holds more exciting collaborations, bigger and better content and sharing even more of the London restaurant and bars I love!

We can’t wait to see the upcoming collaborations! Check out Nicola Instagram here

Let’s talk about brands on social media and it’s importance…

How do you think the rise of influencer accounts on Instagram has impacted on the way that people discover food in London?

It is nice to have the personal touch of an influencer/blogger when choosing a restaurant or bar to visit. You have the opportunity to view a range of beautiful food and cocktails to inspire your choice before you even get to the restaurant. This is even better when it is combined with a review on an Instagram post or separate blog to allow potential customers to understand even more about the venue. However, I believe that sites like Design My Night and Time Out will never tire.


To end, do you think every restaurant should have a presence on social media?

Absolutely, 100%.  I recently heard a statistic that really stuck in my mind – over a third of people in London will not visit a restaurant unless it has an Instagram presence! Businesses, particularly those that are new, are at risk of losing potential customers if they do not have a presence on social media. It is a free platform to attract thousands of potential customers – why wouldn’t you?!

In a nutshell, tell us…

Fave restaurant: That is a TOUGH question. Purely because of the quality vs value, and the fact I love steak, I have to choose Flat Iron.

Fave area: It has to be East London (how predictable…!)

Fave Instagrammer: I love Charlotte from Not So Basic London – she has a fantastic blog and a beautiful Instagram (@notsobasiclondon). I love her photos and she is totally engaged with the London food community. 


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